The Most Recent Batch of Inept Hackers

WordPress is very popular. Very easy to install. Very easy to install incorrectly if you’re not entirely clear on how things operate on your hosting, and in my experience, even a lot of ISPs seem to not be entirely clear on that.

This is just a screenful’s worth of the security scan — I’m using the free WordFence plugin on that site, which is one of the better free ones out there — from one of the WordPress sites I run. Pretty typical.

If you’re not running some sort of live traffic and file system scanner on your WordPress site, you’re probably asking for trouble. If your administrative account has a name like “admin”, “Administrator”, or “«PASTE SOME PORTION OF YOUR SITE’S DOMAIN NAME HERE»”, or if you expose your admin account name in other ways (like via an “?author=” page, or by using your admin account as an author), you’re walking down dark alleys with twenty-dollar bills hanging out of your pockets.

If you’re using an account name like that and an easily-guessed (or duplicated) password, you’re probably already in trouble.

I’m going to have more to say on this when I get it all organized…

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