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A new survey conducted by the Freelancers’ Union has found that 53 million American workers, about one-third of the labor force, are freelancers. Get your own copy of the survey, or learn more about the Freelancers’ Union.

Want to participate in building a technological utopia for freelancers in whitest, coldest Canada?

Web Design & Technology

Rob McQueen and my friends over at Collabora have gone the extra mile to get us a high-quality browser for our Raspberry Pi systems! Thanks, guys!

Katherine Halek provides a good overview on the importance of establishing a coherent typographical hierarchy and ways to arrive at one.

Ever wanted your bicycle to sound like a galloping stallion? (You know you have.) Trotify — more than just “two halves of coconuts” — has the answer.

Web Designer Depot gives us a detailed walkthrough of the design effort involved in getting the Wired magazine web site to a responsive layout.

Use a Raspberry Pi to build an alarm clock that tells you what the weather is like and reads you the news.


Moleskine has a show at the 2014 London Design Festival, and has enlisted the aid of a number of creative-types to destroy their notebooks in as artistic a fashion as possible. If the world isn’t the way you want to to be, change it.

Fast Company provides an excellent “oral history” of Apple’s design language from 1992 to 2013.

What’s designing a font from the ground up like? Steve Matteson tells us about it.

The Examined Life

Maria Popova reviews Barry Schwartz’s Practical Wisdom: The Right Way to Do the Right Thing over on Brain Pickings.

And even bears get philosophical.

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