Jason Christopher Hughes Has Been Arrested By the FBI!

The decades-long stalking and harassment “career” of Jason Christopher Hughes appears to have finally come to an end.

Hughes was arrested in Staten Island, New York, at the house where he lives with his wife and her parents, by the FBI on March 17th, and charged with two counts of making threats across state lines, a Federal offense. If convicted, he’s facing up to five years imprisonment and a $250,000 fine on each count.

He’s been released on $150,000 bond pending trial but is under “house arrest” and is barred from using the Internet other than for work purposes. In particular, if he makes any attempt to contact any of his past victims or anyone else does so on his behalf, he’s in violation of his bond and will get sent back to the slammer.

Hughes was arraigned on the charges in the US New York Eastern District Court on March 31st and entered a plea of not guilty on April 10th. He’s being represented by a public defender, and his next court appearance is scheduled for April 28th.

His arrest has been widely covered, but the story first broke in the New York Daily News.

The FBI, which has been working on this case for at least a couple of years were able to a) tie him to threatening emails sent to the victims via details of their content, and b) to tie the accounts used to send the emails to the IP address of Hughes’ next-door neighbor’s Wifi router.

Among the threats transmitted by Hughes to his victims, he included a detailed — and characteristically horrifying — description of how to turn human beings into “pet owls”, beginning by crushing all of their limbs with a sledge-hammer and moving on from there.

I’ll continue to provide updates to this ongoing case as news becomes available.

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7 thoughts on “Jason Christopher Hughes Has Been Arrested By the FBI!”

    1. Did Jason actually harm anyone? Nope. All he did was a hurt a few feelings. People who actually hurt people and their property only get probation. Get the hell out of your feelings.

      Yes I am a social engineer. Don’t hurt our feelings and we won’t hurt yours.

      1. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that your pal there pled “guilty as hell” to two Federal charges on making threats over interstate communications. The FBI and the US Attorneys seem to think he caused some harm there.

        He actually harmed dozens, if not scores, of people. He affected their employment prospects, just for starts. He caused problems for their families. He attempted to wreck my wife’s and my daughter’s careers. I’m not the only one he’s pulled that on.

        Making death threats — which he’s also done, again to dozens or scores of people, over a period of decades, goes beyond “hurting a few feelings”.

        He’s going to the slammer, and for a period of years, count on it. The sentence they’re recommending is twelve to eighteen months, and with the Victim Impact Statements that are going to come pouring in, I bet he gets more than that. He deserves the full ten years and the half-million-dollars in fines, not that he’s got two dimes to rub together.

      2. This guy f*cked with a LOT more people than this, hundreds at least, including myself back in the early 2000s. I got physical threats from him, not to mention all kinds of online harassment and stalking. This POS assclown deserves prison time.

  1. Someone should mail diptard printouts of all the articles with his face on it with “HA HA! YOUR CAN’T TAKES THIS DOWN!!!”

    Mail it to him daily.

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